Hai Au Group pledges with society to eliminate dirty ice cubes

On the market today, when it comes to buying a pure ice cube machine, most consumers will immediately think of Hai Au Group. What is the group’s key to dominating the market and garner the affection of customers? VIR’ Hoang Oanh had a talk with Nguyen Hong Quan, deputy CEO of Hai Au Group, to discover the answers.

ceo tập đoàn hải âuNguyen Hong Quan, deputy CEO of Hai Au Group

Why did Hai Au Group choose to manufacture pure ice machines or fresh ice cream makers as its main products?

In recent years, we have seen so many reports on the press and television exposing facilities that produce unsanitary ice cubes. We all know the harmful effects of using dirty ice cubes.

Therefore, Hai Au Group decided to manufacture pure ice machines to contribute to pushing back this problem. In addition, Hai Au Group offers many other products such as flake ice machines, fresh ice cream makers, or hot water heaters. We are convinced that business needs to be associated with social contributions to be sustainable.

How can consumers benefit from buying a pure ice cube machine made by Hai Au Group?

First, consumers who own their own ice cube makers do not need to worry about running out of ice or the changing price of ice in the market, especially during the hot season. This is because Hai Au Group has 10 models of pure ice cube machines that can produce from 30 to 1,800kg of ice a day, suitable for any business model.

Second, thanks to the fully-automated and closed production process of the machine, the quality of the finished ice cubes is guaranteed. This has been certified by the National Institute for Food Control under the Ministry of Health, the Pasteur Institute in Ho Chi Minh City, and the Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

In addition, Hai Au’s ice cube machines are up to 60 per cent more cost-efficient compared to buying ice cubes outside and can save aremarkable 50 per cent on energy compared to other ice cube makers on the market.

may lam da hai au ha 900 2Hai Au’s ice cube machines save up to 60 per cent of the cost and have a remarkable 50 per cent saving in energy use.

It is known that the most important components of Hai Au ice machines are European-standard imports operating on Italian technology. Is this the reason Hai Au Group’s products managed to win consumers’ trust?

Although Vietnamese people tend to prefer foreign products, I think this is only a reference factor, not necessarily the only reason for our success. No matter how good you advertise your products, if the quality is not satisfactory or the service is not dedicated, the customers will turn against you.

Therefore, Hai Au Group always puts the interests of customers first, trying to perfect our products to satisfy customers to the utmost. Our Hai Au ice maker products are offered with two-year warranty and a lifetime maintenance policy. With seven showrooms and 200 dealerships across the country, and two warranty centres in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, our customers are always served as quickly as possible.

BC H1800Hai Au ice-cube makers impress customers by their elegant appearance lent to it by the high-quality stainless steel covering

What are the challenges for the development of Hai Au Group?

Changing consumer habits is our biggest challenge. In fact, despite hearing a lot of warnings and even knowing that the ice cubes they use are unsanitary, the majority of consumers will still use them, despite the negative health effects. It is this habit that allows “dirty” ice cubes to be rampant in the market. This is even worse as many catering businesses do not want to invest and buy unsanitary ice cubes every day to serve customers.

What about competition from other brands in the market. Do they pose much of a challenge?

We think that competition is the motivation for us to improve. Naturally, there must be competitors and competition in business. There are a lot of brands that also distribute pure ice machines like Hai Au Group, however, there are differences in quality, price, and the customer care regime, so the choice is with the consumers. We always take that as a motivation and believe that if we try to give consumers the best experience, we can win their trust.

Customers wishing to learn and buy Hai Au ice machine products can visit the company website or call the hotline 1900.1772 for advice.


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