Hai Au Group and the “albatross” business philosophy

The image of birds gliding in the air has long been used to symbolise mankind’s desire to reach farther. Hai Au Group, named after the Vietnamese word for albatross, has always been inspired by this seabird.

Hai Au Group’s logo was inspired by an albatross spreading its wings

In the world of animals, the giant oceanic bird albatross is seen as one of the most admirable globetrotters as they can fly up to 804 kilometres a day with merely a few flaps of their wings.

According to scientists, the albatross can cover tremendous distances with very little energy consumed thanks to its dynamic soaring technique, which allows the albatross to gain sufficient energy from the wind and channel it into its own flight.

What makes the albatross even more amazing is how well they can adapt to harsh weather. While human beings need to be equipped with multiple layers of clothes and advanced machinery to stay safe and sound in extreme weather conditions, flocks of albatrosses migrate to Vietnam’s burning Central Coast during the peak of summer to lay their eggs and hatch their young on the white sand dunes – a journey they make every year during the 50-60 years of their lives.

Hai Au Group took flight in Vietnam in 2011, assuming these respectable features and putting them at the heart of their operations.

Known as a manufacturer and distributor of industrial products such as ice-cube makers, ice- cream makers, water heaters, and the newly introduced rice cooker cabinets, Hai Au Group has been increasingly praised for its doing business its own way.

Soaring like the albatross, Hai Au Group has never stopped innovating to reach farther. Currently, the group has seven showrooms, two service centres, and more than 200 commercial representatives nationwide.

This August, Hai Au Group stretched its wings wider by launching the Hai Au rice cooker cabinets. Having a long reputation and a solid foothold in the industrial refrigeration market, Hai Au has now set sights on the industrial kitchen equipment sector.

Hai Au products are highly appreciated and favoured for their superior quality

The products of Hai Au Group are manufactured on technological lines certified with ISO 9001:2015 standards, with product components imported from the Europe and operated with technology from Italy.

Hai Au’s industrial products stand out with their incredible durability – much like albatrosses with their exceptional endurance, adaptation, and longevity. Thanks to the group’s unique business philosophy which places quality over competitive pricing, Hai Au Group is constantly growing and earning the trust of customers across the country.


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